Vol 3, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Simon Knowles, Bruce Findlay pp. 1-2


Psychocardiology: Advancing the Assessment and Treatment of Heart Patients PDF
Jade Dyer, Neil Beck pp. 3-12
A Risk Factor Profile for Pre-diabetes: Biochemical, Behavioural, Psychosocial and Cultural Factors PDF
Naomi Hackworth, Susan M. Moore, Elizabeth A. Hardie, Christine Critchley, Simone Buzwell, Naomi Crafti, Michael Kyrios pp. 14-26
Basic Need Satisfaction, Emotional Eating, and Dietary Restraint as Risk Factors for Recurrent Overeating in a Community Sample PDF
Jessica M. Cleary, Naomi Crafti pp. 27-39


Emotional Intelligence, Coping and Psychological Distress: A Partial Least Squares Approach to Developing a Predictive Model PDF
Alistair Campbell, Alice Ntobedzi pp. 39-54
Assessing Emotional Intelligence in the Indian workplace: a preliminary reliability study PDF
Diana Rajendran, Luke A. Downey, Con Stough pp. 55-59

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