Vol 2, No 2 (2006)

Table of Contents


An Exploration of the Utility of a Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Measure PDF
Karina Bailie, Gina Ekermans pp. 3-11
The Impact of Social Desirability and Expectation of Feedback on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace PDF
Luke A. Downey, Jan-Louise Godfrey, Karen Hansen, Con Stough pp. 12-18
Emotional Intelligence and Propensity to be a Teamplayer PDF
Elisa Ilarda, Bruce Findlay pp. 19-29
Emotional Intelligence and Gifted Children PDF
Vicki L. Schwean, Donald Saklofske, Leslie Widdifield-Konkin, James D. A. Parker, Patricia Kloosterman pp. 30-37
Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem Mediate Between Perceived Early Parental Love and Adult Happiness PDF
Tamra J. Sillick, Nicola S. Schutte pp. 38-48


Emotional Intelligence International Symposium 2005 PDF
Con Stough, Donald Saklofske, Karen Hansen pp. 49-52

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