Adolescent and Parent Content Preferences and Predictors of Intention to Use an Online Healthy Weight Website for Adolescents

Jacqueline Baulch, Andrea Chester, Leah Brennan


This study evaluated adolescent and parent predictors of behavioural intention to use an online healthy weight website for adolescents using the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the additional variable of age. It also considered adolescent and parent preferences regarding the content of an online healthy weight website. Participants included both a community and treatment seeking sample of 67 adolescents and 76 parents who completed a questionnaire booklet containing demographic questions, the TAM scale and an evaluation of the value of possible website content. The hypothesis that TAM would be a significant predictor of behavioural intention to use the online weight management program was supported. Results contributed to an understanding of behavioural intention to use in the unique setting of an online healthy weight website and have important implications for researchers, clinicians and designers of obesity and online interventions.

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Online; internet; weight loss; obesity; adolescents

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