Examination of Barriers to Treatment and User Preferences With Computer-based Therapy Using The Cool Teens CD for Adolescent Anxiety

Mike J Cunningham, Viviana Wuthrich


In a pilot series, 5 adolescents received a multimedia computer-based self-help treatment program for young people with an anxiety disorder. They used the 8-module Cool Teens CD-ROM over a 12-week period on a home computer. A Preferences and Attitudes Questionnaire and a 10-question Barriers to Treatment Participation measure were developed and administered after 12 weeks of program use to access the usability of this format of treatment delivery. Feedback showed that participants were generally satisfied with the multimedia content, the modules, and the delivery format of the CD-ROM. Specific likes and dislikes were reported and suggestions for improvement were made. These tended to reflect personal preferences rather than any recurring program weaknesses. Some treatment barriers were identified, with “finding time” rating highest. These findings can inform future design of treatment programs relying on multimedia delivery.

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Anxiety disorders; adolescents; computer-based CBT; multimedia; self-help

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